We’ve provided a set of Web Applications within your Website Control Panel to help you quite easily promote your web sites online. I Services’s sitemap generator will allow you to obtain a complete sitemap of your web site. Additionally, you’re able to submit that sitemap to the major search engines to crawl your web site. The RSS News publishing tool will allow you to create frequently refreshed content on your index page so you could get far better chances to climb high in search engine listings. Additionally, we’ve bundled a GeoIP re–direction tool that will enable you to target your site visitors much more precisely based upon their physical area.

A Sitemap Generator

Generate a sitemap with all of your webpages in an instant

The quickest method of getting your newly released site placed in the major search engines is to post a sitemap. The sitemap records all of the web pages within your web site and by publishing it to a particular search engine, you tell it you’d like to have those pages to be crawled as soon as possible. Sitemaps are usually generated by third–party instruments. However, with us, you don’t have to navigate away from your Website Control Panel. I Services’s custom–built Sitemap Generator is integrated into the Advanced Tools part and is going to complete a sitemap on your behalf in a mouse click.

What you need to do is choose the max number of pages you would like to be crawled, the depth of the crawled hyperlinks and the extension of the sitemap report.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Hassle–free location–based re–directions

We provide you with an easy tool, which will help you sort the visitors of your website according to their country. For example, with the GeoIP redirection tool, you can easily direct all the visitors coming from Spain to the Spanish variant of your website if you’ve got such. This enables you to target your clients far more accurately and supply them with the online stay they are expecting.

No exclusive capabilities or technical know–how are required to make use of the GeoIP re–direction tool, and you will no longer need to use .htaccess files to complete the task.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Show the most up–to–date publications within your website

In the I Services Website Control Panel, we’ve built–in a tool, which enables you to include information from the most popular information sites on this planet within your websites, with just a click of the mouse. Our News Publication application works on auto–pilot and won’t need any additional setup work on your part,

The RSS News unit is fully customizable with regards to HTML and CSS. You can easily adjust the quantity of publication pieces that will be presented, the way that they will look like, exactly how they will be formatted, etc.

RSS News